Stronger Communities, great sport and recreation

I am a firm believer in the importance of Community. I am personally involved in a wide range of community organisations as a member and as an active volunteer. I want us to participate even more in our city and be even prouder of it, and of our fellow Wellingtonians.

Stronger Communities

I will:

  • Work with suburban communities to develop their own comprehensive long term community plans within a wider city context. Communities like Johnsonville, Brooklyn – Vogelmorn, Island Bay, Tawa, Miramar and Newlands and Ngaio have begun planning for the future. We are about to commence work with the Central City and Karori communities. Both have substantial issues to face and opportunities to grasp.
  • Complete a comprehensive city social and recreation strategy to ensure ratepayer resources are targeted to where they give the greatest benefit and best value for ratepayers. This is the one major area of Council business that currently lacks a clear strategic framework.
  • Maintain and enhance our Libraries, Pools, Recreation and Community Centres including completing the Johnsonville Library, supporting building the Karori Events Centre, refreshing the CBD library, building the Terawhiti artificial turf, and investing in community centre upgrades.
  • Continue to support community events and markets.
  • Continue Council’s award winning Social Housing upgrade programme. I am proud that Council is recognised as a really excellent landlord.
  • Advocate to Government to align its rental support for Council housing tenants with the support it gives to Housing New Zealand and ‘third sector’ tenants. That will help tenants and Council alike.
  • Focus on rejuvenating some of our less well-off communities, notably Strathmore.
  • Work with community welfare organisations, person by person, to end homelessness in Wellington.
  • Be a good international citizen. Earlier this year when I spoke at an Asia – Pacific conference it was very apparent how well Wellington is doing, and how much we have to offer developing countries. I am proposing developing a relationship with a couple of cities in developing nations. I suggest Nepal for earthquake and historical reasons, and a Pacific community because of our obvious close relationships. This might also help Wellingtonians who are considering how they may wish to help less well off countries.


Sport and Recreation

I want to ensure that all people can participate in a wide variety of sports and recreation. I’ve seen how better sports facilities improve our teams and sports people, and help create a healthier society.  Wellingtonians are among the most active communities anywhere. I’m a keen runner and footballer, play tennis, tramp, kayak, ski and mountain bike. Among other things I championed development of Wellington’s all weather artificial turfs which have dramatically reduced cancellations. I also championed the development of Karori’s park, pool and recreation centres and refurbishment of school pools like Khandallah and the soon to be opened Wellington East, as well as the development of many new tracks in our hills.

Looking ahead – together we will:

  • Work with Sport Wellington Region and other Councils to complete a regional Sports Strategy which will focus investment in sporting infrastructure rather than what is currently a times a bit ad hoc. That will maximise benefits for recreation, and reduce costs for ratepayers.
  • Continue to invest in upgrading our parks and playgrounds
  • Develop more recreation hubs along the lines of the highly popular Karori and Alex Moore Parks
  • Work strategically with clubs to facilitate collaboration that makes clubs more sustainable. Many clubs find funding and volunteer bases under pressure and working with other clubs can help all parties to survive and thrive into the future.