Let’s get Wellington moving

We have easily the highest proportion of people walking, cycling and using public transport in the country, and that proportion is growing, as it has every year since I was first elected. It is a huge strength for Wellington, and it will become even more important with population growth and the need to reduce emissions.

I will work with our partners to improve roading, walking, cycling and public transport as part of an integrated transport and urban development plan.

Together we will:

  1. Get Wellington Moving in partnership with NZTA and Greater Wellington Regional Council.
    This is a principles-based integrated planning process involving roading, public transport, cycling, pedestrian and urban design improvements across the central city, around the Basin and tunnels area, and to the south and east. We’re currently asking for public input, so do get your ideas in. Options will be assessed and modeled and then there will be packages of options put to the Wellington public early next year. There will be decisions made by the end of 2017.
  2. Complete the city’s ring road arrangement from Aotea offramp to Cobham Drive.
  3. Improve access from the motorway to the Port and Interisland line area.
  4. Work with Greater Wellington Regional Council to lift bus patronage.  Greater Wellington is planning for possible new bus operators, better weekend and evening services for many areas, integrated ticketing, and off peak discount bus fares. City Council’s main role is bus priority and I will work for greater reliability through more bus priority, and pushing all the way for a fully electric bus fleet.
  5. Keep future options for light rail open (should capacity for a bus based system be exceeded).
  6. Complete at least half of our citywide cycleways programme
    Open the Great Harbour Way between Petone and Ngauranga, complete the northern route into city, complete the uphill connections to Ngaio, Khandallah, Johnsonville, Newlands, Brooklyn and Karori, completing a Southern suburbs route, Eastern package including around Evans Bay-Oriental Bay, and a Central city network.
  7. Establish a Bike hire scheme, and have at least 20 schools with bikes in schools schemes.
    Invest in more safe routes for our children to walk, scooter or bike to their schools.
  8. Deliver a new transport link from Petone to Grenada working with NZTA and Hutt City.
  9. Review parking policies. This will include considering investing in short term off-street parking to offset parking lost through transport and beautification projects, seeking more park and ride opportunities, reviewing residential parking requirements, and using our new smart sensor meters to benefit short stay visits – important for retail, allow for pick up and drop offs by taxis, and electric vehicle charging.
  10. Grow car share schemes. Continue work with the private sector to grow car share schemes especially for central city residents and businesses.
  11. Improve footpaths particularly in areas with larger numbers of older people use to reduce the likelihood of falls and injuries.
  12. Deliver a network of electric vehicle charging stations and further encourage take up of electric vehicles by facilitating access by residents and small businesses to EVs at preferential rates through Council membership of the Government’s fleet purchase arrangements.